Rustic-Industrial Look for House Architecture with Garage Extension

At the picture is the result for the extension building that has been refinishing with different architecture. St. John’s Ambulance is the wonderful dwelling located in Conduit Hill, in Rye, England. This house was built in 1970 and Martha Nowicka & Co were made the extension as the complete part. The bed space is designed in serene look with simple and comfortable at the same time. The use of white color theme brings the peace sense in there.

Bedroom in Serene Look with Simple and Comfy

Currently, the presence of nook in the house makes the complete part become trending. This time, the small nook placed on the upper floor where the central medium window as the center of interest there. The small wooden desk and single chair with the table lamp complete this small nook that could be functioning as the working space.

Design for Small Nook with Central Window on Upper Floor

Garage Extension with Rustic-Industrial Design Residence

Let’s take a look for the bath interior. The one that still using the white color theme as the decoration always win everyone heart’s. The stunning bathroom interior even in small attic space could designed maximizing functionality. The use of diagonal roof with the single window makes the view looks closer and help to get the nature view into the space.

Impressive Look for Small Attic Bedroom that Optimized Design

This one coming with the triangular window for decorating the windows. At the picture, the grey laminate wooden floor gives the stunning look for this bed space. the addition of elongated white table and single chairs that facing directly to the large triangle window are the best way to design this bedroom in minimalist way.

Interior with Triangular Window Section in Bed Space

Another house interior appear with mostly wooden in use. The kitchen and dinning table are done in wooden design. the wooden dinning table with the walls doors and floor are using the same color tone. The classy fireplace having the upper floor to place it. While, at the other side the glazing transparent sliding door gives the enough natural lighting into the room.

Kitchen and Dinning Space Filled with Lights

Extension Residen Architecture Where Rustic-Industrial Met

Actually, the extension was specially designed to replicate the original architecture. There, the pitched rood is using clad in local handmade clay tiles specially selected as the complement the original tiles on the residence. This time, the original addition of the extension residence are served as a garage with the wooden floor as the design outdoor.

Outside Look for House in Rustic Way

The material of this dwelling also chosen according to the original design and architecture. The skylights gives the natural light for the upper level of the rooms. The new design for the extension house is the bridge between the past and the present where the rustic-industrial architecture ideas are met each other. The series of exposed brick and wood-clad accent walls maintain cohesiveness throughout the dwelling.

Rustic-Industrial Look for House Architecture with Garage Extension