Scandinavian Attic Apartment Architecture in Monochrome Design

This renovated house appears with the former Pris mansion of star Josephine Baker is now designed by architect Franҫois Pélegrin. The house left untouched with the Scandinavian style where the bathroom is on the upper floor. This bath space divided by the walls where the other side is the bedroom. The transparent glass shower space with the lining black small tiles decorating the bathroom in a minimalist way.

Bathroom with Upper Floor for Private Area

The other interior coming with the triangle ceilings wall design. at the picture, the bedroom decorated with soft and smooth in the white color theme. The use of light-colored furniture there makes the space so comfy and cozy without any much decoration. the wooden elongated desks with the double windows at the diagonal roof functioning as the natural lighting.

Bedroom with Light-Colored Furniture Natural Wood

Apartment with Attic Scandinavian Architecture

The detail of bed space design using the pole of whitewashed brick clad. The small corner bookshelves in triangle shape also decorating the space. at the other side, there is the space where your stuff of wardrobe with the mirror as the complete package.

Decoration Bedroom with Whitewashed Brick Clad

Even this house has the white color theme for all spaces, the black curved staircase connecting with the upper floor which is the bedroom. The white laminate wooden floor with the other white stuff furniture there looks so stunning in a simple way. the white dinning table and the armchairs also decorating this space in an impressive way.

Interior House with Two Separated Area

Monochrome Scandinavian Apartment Decor

As you can see, the living room using the wooden beams were whitewashed to make them invisible because they are thick and rather big. The black sofa furniture on the white laminate wooden floor looks suitable with the faux animal rug there. Then, the presence of a curved black staircase completes this minimalist living room.

Living Space with Wooden Beam Furniture

The architect-designed this house interior in an open space and there is no room divider. In the picture above, the dinning area, kitchen and living space appear in one space. the presence of these three areas in one space is so stunning that the ending look still looks so stunning and neatly as the arrangement.

Lower Floor for Dinning and Living Area

The special exterior look would make you fall in love with the terrace. The architect-designed this terrace with a weathered wooden for the deck and continues into the interior house in monochrome. The dark harsh wooden floor with the lounge and the potted plants as the outdoor decoration.

Scandinavian Attic Apartment Architecture in Monochrome Design