Scenario Design for Modern Split Level House with Open Glass Architecture

This time, the house that result with the scenario design of the architect become into the residence that located in Hackney. Scenario Architecture built this house with the desire to remodel it for family needs. The split level architecture makes the angles glass roof over the stairs and the maximum dinning table with natural lights comes in. The staircase coming with the ultra-minimalist look and sleek enough with the hidden storage and the transparent glass holder railing there.

Glass Railing with Hidden Storage Ultra Minimalist Staircase

Another look for this split level house architecture coming with the minimalist openness space. the kitchen that done with sleek dark cabinet for the backsplash and the white clear countertop. At the other side, the dinning space with black modern armchairs and wooden dinning set suitable with the natural creamy brick wall. The open space makes this living room looks fresh and stunning.

Kitchen with Dark Sleek and Simple Dinning Set

Modern House for Scenario Architecture Design

Take a look for kitchen set that could be opened to the outside view. The glass folding door very useful to connect the inside and outside view which leads directly to the garden. This time, the interior decoration designing in natural way with the touches of grey and black color with some element textural of brick walls. The living room coming with the corner side with soft base and some cushion at the large windows.

Kitchen with Glass Folding Door

The living room done with the shuttered window, sectional grey dark sofa and the printed white rug with simple pattern. The triangle motive wooden floor always match with the simple white TV stand and the plain white wall painting decoration. the presence of shuttered windows with the single grey transparent pendant lamp close to the TV.

Living Room Done with Shuttered Window and Stunning Look

The other side of living room in this split level house coming with the additional space for yoga. The space with the tiny nook for yoga space in the diagonal roof there. The single elongated grey sofa beautiful match with the rustic red carpet on the laminate wooden floor. The single rectangular windows on the diagonal roof functioning as the lighting at day and the door for sky at night.

Living Room with Yoga Nook for Relaxing Time

Stunning Look for Split Level House Architecture

Here coming the master bedroom has the similar design with the living room look. There is a single shuttered windows with the comfortable upholstered bed. The blue sea picture frame on the white wall suitable with the dark wooden floor. At the other side, the hanging lamps for both side in simple black beautify this bedroom in simplicity.

Master Bedroom with Shuttered Windows in Beautiful Look

This modern house features with several split levels on the contemporary decoration on the glass opening view there. When see this interior house on the other side, there is a beautiful view on the simple classy bench. From this side, you will see the open kitchen, dinning set and the book shelve there. The minimalist look with the plain lamps on the wall.

Scenario Design for Modern Split House with Open Glass Architecture