Seaside House Ideas with Modern French Architecture with Airy Environment

This building actually the renovation project of Bordeaux-based architecture studio Senecio with the extension of a 65 square meter house that located in southwest ocean coast of France. At the picture above, the book shelve that functioning as the TV stand that decorate the walls. There is curved staircase that lead into the upper space. the dinning room and living room got divide with the presence of wall book shelve.

Adorable Look for Living Room with Extra Space at Upstair

As you can see there, the white colored walls dominate the living room. the touch of black and creamy wooden colors give the stunning interior decoration. the small fireplace got suitable with the black door and the curved staircase. While, the dinning set in simple wooden table with the white chairs. At the picture above, the floor functioning as the divider between dinning space and living room.

Comfy Interior with Skylight and Black Touches

French Seaside House with Current Architecture

When you see the house from the outside view, you will find the terrace house done in stunning look. There are several chairs with single thin white table that decorating the terrace. This part would give you the space to enjoy the outdoor view in comfy. This outdoor space still applied the wood as the material flooring.

Dinning Space in Outdoor with Terrace

The interior of this house mostly has the skylights roof with the plain white ceiling and walls. At the picture, the square open space ceiling with the framed wooden while the simple pendant lamp hang up there. The white color still dominate this house interior as well as the kitchen cabinet. The counterop and backsplash done in white color without holder to pull it out. This way, makes the interior looks bright with the presence of skylight and white color.

Kitchen in Sleek Touches White

Coming with the fresh look of your living room. this one has the extra comfortable feeling that done with quirky seating in many styles and cool arrangement of the furniture. The small rounded bench, rattan chair with metal chair on the classy small carpet are best way to get the comfy place without any much furniture. The twin curved windows give the enough lighting and some outdoor view.

Little Cozy Nook done in Minimalist Look

Airy Environment for Modern Seaside House Architecture

Having an outdoor deck could help you to enjoy the outside environment with some spaces that divided by the pine screens to give the direct nature view. The striped wooden that functioning as the walls and door at the same time help to get match with the wooden floor. The single metal chair lean on the wall complete this deck outdoor.

Outdoor Look with Simple Furniture

This building is designed with clad and pine slabs for making a recent look of the house architecture. The striped wooden still decorating the exterior of this house. Front side of this house coming with the some extra small garden with the black staircase that lead into the roof side. This house has the extended part such as new bedrooms, bathroom, sanitary and a cellar.

Seaside House with Modern French Architecture with Airy Environment