Semiround Cyprus Residence with Original House Architecture

This house called as Loukas Residence and designed by Vardastudio Architects and Designers in Paphos, Cyprus. This residence would absolutely attract everyone’s attention. Inside the residence is quite modern-look with concrete walls, simple furniture. Then, the monochrome as the main color scheme for the interior house.

Adorable Look for Modern Interior Ideas

At the other side of this residence, you will find the yellow wooden color that beautifully create the stunning design for one side door. There, the door decorate with the simple way using two layer inside and the lining geometrically stunning. While, for the entryway, the dark wooden floor with some small lower fence for each particular distance.

Beautiful Yellow House Architecture

Fresh Look for Outstanding Semiround Residence Architecture

While the bath space is awesome because you will get the perfect place to enjoy the outside view through the large windows without curtains. There, the built in white bathtub in oval shape perfectly suitable with the view of outdoor swimming pool. This bathroom have the monochrome walls design with black and white color decoration each side.

Calm Natural Color Semiround Cyprus Architecture

When you check this residence from the outside angle, you will find this house shaped semiround in white classic. The curved shape with the random square windows size along the curved walls beautify the exterior. The architect choose to let the outside has the garden with some trees to let the fresh environment surrounding this residence.

Modern Interior House for Semiround Cyprus Residence

The interior side of this house still applied the monochromatic color theme. This living space coming with the black walls and white walls with the different side. The single elongated sofa with the black simple desk under the TV are the match furniture combination to keep the space is wider and spacious. Some lighting working with the black wall and the single modern light on the ceiling are enough to brighten the room.

Outstanding View for Outdoor Semiround Cyprus Residence

Cyprus Residence with Semiround Architecture Idea

The architects coming with the brave color to show up the exterior. Here, the high walls appear with the red color right between the other whites building. If you see this view from the outside, you will serve the wonderful ending look for building exterior in modern style yet minimalist.

Semiround Cyprus Residence with Original Architecture

This residence appear with the unique round shape with modern outdoor swimming pool that partially mirroring the house itself. this semiround residence have a lot of stripped design for the high large windows along the walls. While, the swimming pool built in the wooden design flooring with an open view. This kind of house would perfectly suitable for your holiday time with beloved people around you.