Shelter Clad Prefab ARK in Wooden Design House Architecture

Recently, the presence of Prefab houses are trending because of the construction that commonly easy. Another way to say this name house is the ARK shelter which has the simple house extensions with the additional home office in cool design. this mobile prefab home is suitable for any location with the cost-effective. At the picture above, the prefab using the wood as the main material for interior and exterior housing.

ARK Shelter as A Sustainable Mobile with Cost Effective

This house has the special design with the extension  and the windows at the edge of the house part. At the picture above, the large windows covered all the one side of this house for the bedroom with the colored-light wooden interior. This bedroom would absolutely suitable for you who looking for the unlimited view from bed.

Dwelling for Home Extension with Unique Sleeping Experience

Prefab Shelter Clad with Modern Wooden Architecture

The exterior of this house coming from the clad with dark wood as the material. As you can see, the half part of this house exterior done in light-colored wooden while the rest using the dark color. the small terrace add to give the extension part with the small dinning set furniture.

House with Clad Dark Wood Small Terrace for Dinning Space

At the picture above, the interior house appear with the clad in light-colored warm wooden ceilings and walls. The ending look that makes the comfy and natural sensation there with the use of contrast color palette. The use of black color for some furniture such as fireplace and chairs gives the bold decoration there.

Interior Wooden Clad with Minimalist Furniture

ARK Shelter with Wooden Architecture

Another look for the house interior coming with the stove separate the sleeping area from the living space. the way to warm up the living area and functioning as the room divider. This dwelling is the best way to escape with the best nature look with the comfy home living area.

Minimalist Wooden Living Space with Simple Black Fireplace

The extra space for the terrace is the sides open that directly leads to the nature landscape. This space is the perfect place for you to spend you weekend in simple way. The terrace that has the floor with the extra roof as the complete house designing exterior extension.

Open Landscape Perfect for Enjoying Nature

If you see this house from the outdoor look, the minimalist design aims to merge into the landscape in beautiful way without to much decoration. this prefabricated cabin is designed specially to bring back the nature sense in one place. This modular cabin is built without foundations, so it could be easily transportable and could be placed in a different range of location.

Shelter Clad Prefab ARK in Wooden Architecture