SheOak Architecture with Casual and Comfortable Black Beach House Ideas

Located in Kingscliff, New South Wales, Australia. This residence designed by Base Architecture that use SheOak House as the idea of the design. the first look of this house appear with the large black box on a beach-front along the way that designed with casual, informal, inviting and comfortable style. This house lies on the 350 square meter that done by mixing with the floating architecture of monochrome and wooden combination.

Amazing Black House with SheOak Architecture

At the picture above, the white color dominated as the theme decoration color there. This bathroom combining the glass transparent interior for giving the modern touch inside. The large mirror suitable with the wooden interior design. at the other side, the shower and toilet place are covered and divided with the transparent glass wall. Almost all this furniture bathroom using white color to give the wider effect there.

Awesome White Bathroom with Modern Interior

Casual and Informal SheOak House Architecture for Beach House

Let’s take a look into the other side of this house. There is an open space with the dark colored wooden as the material. This place quite wide with same potted plants there. The extra space with the pieces of wood on the ground to give the dramatic effect for the outdoor. The open glass windows to make this outdoor space looks wider and comfortable.

Beach House with Wooden Design Architecture

As you can see at the picture above, the wood and monochrome color theme dominate the decoration. there, the natural dark wood color are applied with wooden flooring that suitable for the dinning table and the small extra balcony that using the same material. The color of white give the calm sense for the interior design.

Elegant House Interior for Beach Architecture

Over the house, we could see and understand that this residence marked with the openness and comfy sensation that suitable for beach house supposed to be. The area is created for enjoying the nature view directly from inside your house. The simple yard give the simple fresh environment there.

Outside House Interior with Exterior Combination

Stunning Black Beach House for SheOak Architecture

This house would seems like floating elongated black steel cubes from the different angle. The black box are the mix of steel, concrete and timber at the same time. In order to keep it resistant for any weather situations include salt. The simple structure exterior that suitable with the presence of some trees around this house.

Outstanding House with Beach Architecture Exterior

The SheOak house architecture using cubes framing for the front side of the residence. While, the simple folded door for white garage complete the exterior house. Keep the greenery sight in front of the house makes this residence still eco-friendly for style of beach house. The wooden striped for decorating the balcony is too way much beautiful.

SheOak Architecture with Casual and Comfortable Black Beach House