Siberian Fort Ideas with Futuristic Architecture Interior House Look

This different house is lies on Novosibirsk, Russia. This house looks like castle with the kind of Siberian fort architecture. The house designing specially with the floating stone exterior that lift up the first floor higher than the ground. Then, the outside of the house decorating with green garden makes the whole look of this Siberian fort house so friendly and modern.

Adorable Look for Siberian Fort Architecture House

At the other side of this house, you will find the curved glass transparent house side. There is the place for greenery side put on. There are a lot of potted plants inside the house and grew up beautifully with the support of the open transparent glass wall design. then, the sun light could easily lighting the plants for photosynthesis.

Beautiful Design for Curved Glass House Architecture

Take a look for the interior of this house. The billyard with the blue sea color beautifully match with the cone shape black pendant lamps with the white light using the wooden as the holder hanging up right above the billyard. This large billyard stand with the classic curved sculptured in classic look that made by the wood as the material.

Billyard with Current Design House Interior

Warming Up Your Heart by Siberian Fort Architecture with Modernity

The combination of interior colors is important for decorating your house. There, the modern fire place coming with the creamy rough brown color half painted with white color. the fireplace that covers with thick glass transparent with the woodbin beside. The fireplace that designing could be functioning as the desk to put on several things there. The color of fireplace with the floor are decorating in the same color to give the similarity look inside your house.

Browny Decoration for Minimalist Design

Living room looks so stunning with one tone color applied for this interior house. This time, the house interior applied the same creamy wooden color for the floor, TV stand, desk, furniture and the wall. They use the same color tone to give the natural look in your living room. the wooden staircase with the dark wooden color makes the living room highlighted beautifully in natural look.

Interior with Stunning Look for Siberian Fort Architecture

Impressive Way for Siberian Fort House Architecture

Another look for the living space is the arrangement of the flooring ideas. As you can see at the picture above, the staircase connect upstairs and the living room. while, beside the fireplace, there is the curved open wall glass where the potted plant grew up there. Then, to reach that place, it takes the mini stairs down to connect. When you see the white plain wall, there is single branches tree decorating the interior beautifully.

Minimalist Decor with Modern Design Architecture

This Siberian fort house is kind of eco-friendly and warm architecture sense. The using of earthy color theme enrich the natural look of this house. The futuristic design for this house architecture makes the ending look so comfortable yet friendly to spend the rest of your life here. The stone brick wall combination through the exterior wall is gorgeous.

Siberian Fort with Futuristic Architecture Interior House