Slack’s San Francisco Offices: A Contemporary Design with Semi-Private Circular Seating Areas

Studio O+A was appointed to design the interior for Slack new office in San Francisco, California. Specifically, the design for the office’s 7th floor was inspired by the forest, notably fairy rings. A fairy ring or also known as a fairy circle is a naturally occurring arc of mushrooms and the phenomenon was used by the designing team to design the modern office.

slack office interior design

The fairy ring shapes different seating areas in the office. The material for the seating is from the large redwood trees on the Pacific Crest Trail. The wood has natural growth pattern in it. Such details make the overall design more standout.

redwood with natural growth pattern

Every seating area comes with circular shape with vertical elements. The elements act as a representation of the redwood trees on Pacific Crest Trail.

vertical elements to represent the trees

Some seating areas have planters that wrap around the circle interior. The planters offer a fresh look to the seating areas and also a pop of color.

sunken seating areas

Other areas have been sunken to add interest.  In addition, every seating area has skylights to highlight the areas. The seating areas offer a perfect and cozy place to work or sit around with coworkers during a break.