Slim Fit House Architecture with 4 Meters Square Wide

Coming with the unbelievable project for housing architecture. The house that designed only in the 4 meters wide that it could cover up all of your important house things inside. This time, the house constructed by Ana Rocha Architecture and lies on the Almere Poort, the Netherlands. At the picture above, the wooden staircase designed prolonged with wooden book shelve. There, each stage has the same height with the each step of the staircase. The lower staircase coming with the white fur rug in small size.

Adorable Look for Wooden Book Shelf and Staircase

Don’t think that you will get the worst bedroom in small space because this one coming in different way. As you can see, the wooden interior for ceilings, walls and floor beautify this bed space in natural way. Here, you will get the privacy well kept even some windows decorating the interior. The space accommodate everything that necessary there. The small nightstand looks so perfectly complete this bedroom.

Bedroom with Perfect Privacy

Special Narrow Dwelling Architecture for Slim Fit House

The best way to cover up all of your stuff in one place that absolutely safe and neat is in the wardrobe cabinet. The large wooden hidden cabinet behind the doors appear with the white light-colored wood and the simple holder to keep the space uncluttered. There, the grey floor with the white curved carpet and single chair gives the stunning look for the interior. The presence of single wide windows makes this living space bright and stunning.

Hidden Storage Keep the Space Uncluttered

This interior house would always be complete one even in small space. the kitchen are placed on the three floor of the house and done with minimalist decoration. the light-colored plywood almost applied for this kitchen interior and furniture. The small square window give the kitchen an enough lighting and the single small white bench complete this kitchen furniture.

Interior with Minimalist Decor Light-Colored Plywood Furniture

Attractive House with 4 Meters Square Wide Architecture

The smart way to design this narrow house is because the presence of many windows throughout this house interior. As you can see at the picture, the large windows always fill the walls then makes the room looks wider and comfy at the same time. The natural lighting come inside the house which makes this space always enough even actually in narrow space.

Large Window for Natural Light

This house absolutely has the extra room such as the corner house that could be set with the table and chairs there. The simple medium wooden table coming with the high back dark chairs right facing the large window. While, the single standing lamp complete this nook. The natural heating and a good ventilation were maximized to give the useful things inside the house.

Natural Heating and Ventilation Interior House

For your addition information about this house, Slim Fit is the other way to called this house. The one that has the interior with clad birch panels, the space-saving furniture from birch plywood. Heat-resistant glass used for all the glazing, and the windows on both side allow for the fresh air flow through the narrow dwelling. This dark wooden brown color for the exterior gives the stunning look with environment around the house with the extra outdoor space on the wooden floor.

Slim Fit House with 4 Meters Square Wide