Small In Size But Big In Style, These Design Ideas Will Inspire Your Bedroom Remodeling Project

Who said you can have a small-sized bedroom with style? The size shouldn’t define the way you want to style your bedroom. Sure your space is limited, but not with your ideas. These inspiring ideas will help you to remodel your small bedroom and turn it into a chic private haven you are happy to spend a lot of your quality time in.

small bedroom ideas 1

Keep it Light and Bright

light and bright small bedroom

For a rather small bedroom, white usually becomes a practical option. This color will keep the space from looking too stuffy and messy. White or other lighter colors are able to fight the void left by large wall space.

light and bright small bedroom with pattern and texture

If it looks too boring, you can add a pop of color through a decorative item like a small pillow with darker tone or textures and patterns to create a more dramatic effect.

Tuck Your Bed Against the Wall

minimalistic small bedroom idea

Most homeowners position the bed by centering it on the wall, but narrow layout won’t allow you to have this plan. Instead, you can push your bed up against the corner to optimize the floor space. This set up ultimately will ooze a more comfortable feels you want in a bedroom.

Avoid Using Bulky Bed Frame

no bulky bed frame

Don’t waste the space of your small bedroom by using a bulky bed frame. Instead of using such a bed frame, it would we better to choose a simple and modern headboard that won’t take so much space.

Less Is More

minimalist small bedroom

Small space owners have embraced minimalistic style to combat that stuffy feeling in the bedroom. That being the case, you should adopt this idea as well. Keep your furniture and accessories at the minimum

built in headboard for extra storage

One of the best methods to keep it minimalist is by using built-ins for additional storage. Built-ins can help you optimize the space while looking as if they are invisible. This fine example of built-in for a small bedroom could be adopted for your own bedroom.

Create an Illusion with Mirrors

mirror walls to expanse the space

It’s already known that a mirror can create an illusion of more space, so you should try this idea for your small bedroom.

mirror to create an illusion of more space

The point is to position a mirror to reflect the source of light in the space.