Smart Tricks to Decorate Small Space

You might think that having a small space will limit your creativity in decorating it. After all, not much you can do about it and if you make the wrong move, you will overcrowd the space and suffocate your move. Actually, no matter the size of your space is, you can still use your creative mind to enhance its look.

small space home

Don’t see the size of your space as a hindrance, but treat it as a challenge. Probably you can’t explore the ideas like if you have a larger and spacious room, but don’t give up yet because we are going to share with you some smart tricks to decorate a small space and turn it into a bomb!

Play with Scale

small living room with large furniture

Know your room measurement and you will know exactly what you have to do with it. And don’t be afraid to go with large pieces because they can create balance if you pair them with smaller ones. And no, you won’t feel as if that large piece will make the room look smaller. The key point is a balance.

The Importance of Natural Lighting

natural lighting in small space

Regardless of the space of your home, natural lighting plays an important role to brighten up your space. If your small space comes with an abundance of windows, make the use of it. The trick is to not cover your windows as much as possible. If you want to cover it, select curtains with lighter shades.

Use Contrasting Color

black and white

Darker colors like black can work in a smaller room too. As long as you mix it with a lighter shade, then your small space will look fantastic. Use the darker color as a statement piece that is contrasting to lighter color items in the space.

Stick to One Color Palette

one color palette at times

You can still have fun with your décor even if you stick to just one color palette. The fact is a particular palette allows you to incorporate as many colors from the wheel as you’d like.

Now you have the tricks, so let’s be creative with your small room decorating project!