South Africa House with Modern Industrial Holiday Architecture Ideas

Dreaming about the house with view of nature is come true within this house. The one that specially designed by architect from SAOTA beautifully remodel this house in minimalist way. At the picture above, the bed coming with the particular height in white and grey color with the monochrome dots pillows there. The floating wooden nightstand joined together with the headboard on the smooth brick white walls. The large windows with grey curtains complete this bedroom interior with single wooden chair and the circle carpet on the floor.

Bedroom with Floating Nightstand

At the picture, show the dinning area is located between the windows and the over sized walls with large artworks on there. The interior house done with color palette quite neutral but attractive with some touches of graphite such as light grey and brown color for making an earthy look. The modern black chairs coming with the thick large rounded wooden dine table and complete with the presence of chandelier.

Dinning Area with Oversized Window and Glazed View

Attractive Modern House Mixing with Industrial Architecture

At the other side, you can see the house from the outdoor view that this dwelling has the lakeside directly sideline with the residence. The pebbles that complete this house front side of the house with the timber screen for some extra space. the large windows that functioning as the sliding door makes the awesome glazed look for housing exterior. Much lighting inside the house then some clear view are the result of using this large windows.

Exterior House with Glazing to Capture View

The special thing about this living room is the mixing of modern and industrial decor for the interior. As you can see, the brown sofa appear with the rounded wooden table on the motive carpet with the creamy carpet at the same time. The wooden small windows decor the white wall with the picture frames hang up there. The single surfboard also coming to complete this house decor and some spot lighting on the ceilings.

Interior with Cool Minimalist Furniture and Industrial Look

Holiday Home with Unusual Nature Architecture

The kitchen designed with the grey modern cabinet with some spot lights on the ceilings. there is the single white elongated sofa with the creamy fur rug on the floor and the rounded orange bench as the complete furniture. The several black pendant lamps and the modern fireplace are the perfect combination in this glazed windows living room.

Kitchen with Neutral Look Interior

This house absolutely designed beautifully with the presence of extra outdoor spaces. This part are the open roof that framed because of the harsh coastal climate. There is the outdoor furniture that complete this space with single large tree and greenery garden environment around this house. Obviously, this extra outdoor space perfectly for your holiday with enjoying outdoor view directly.

Outdoor Spaces are Roofed and Framed Because The Harsh Coastal Climate

When you this house completely at the outside, the architecture of this house is clean and robust that the materials are chosen because of their ability to withstand time and versatility. The textural materials are used in decoration such as brick, metal, concrete, leather and many more. The black exterior with the white brick are the best combination and the presence of greenery trees makes this house end up so attractive.

South Africa House with Modern Industrial Holiday Architecture