Spacious Look for One-Storied House with Current Architecture Design

This house is called as the V4 house that located in Sao Paolo, Brazil and created beautifully by MK27 studio. The house decorated with one-storied board and there is a large concrete roof at the upside. Mostly, this house designed with an open way for the living space and the dinning room. While, the rest is inside this house in closed way.

Extra Comfy for Outdoor Living Space with Spacious Architecture

For the bathroom, we have the light brown laminated wooden floor with the grey walls and abstract picture to decorate. While at the other side, there is an open glass wall that could let you get the closed small garden there with the stone brick walls. Don’t worry if this windows doesn’t have the curtain, because the small garden is designed privately for you to enjoy the view.

Fresh Look for Open Bath Decor

House Architecture with Contemporary Spacious Look

This time, an open contemporary living room appear with the fresh look. There are two high and large green light armchair with the wooden table on the creamy carpet. At the other side, the modern black hanging fireplace coming with the twin pendant lamps for both side of the living space. as you know, this open space has the long roof to protect from the sun light and rain at the same time. So, this open space are safe and could be use just like your daily activity inside the house.

Modern Furniture for Outdoor House Architecture

Here come the simple open dinning space. the single elongated dinning table that made from the wood is suitable with the minimalist armchair wooden along the table. While, there are double cone black pendant lamps light up the dinning space there. When you see from the dinning angle, you can see the scene that the large book shelves functioning as the TV stand in living space.

Open Space with Current Interior Design

This public living spaces are delineated by the thin building type. Beside the high walls divider with orange wooden color is built in some light on the ground to give the dramatic look at the garden towards the house. This modern architecture designing with the eco-friendly environment so you can free up the garden space to maximize the fresh taste there.

Outdoor Look with Stunning Design Recent Architecture House

Stunning Architecture for an Open Spacious House Design

When you turn on the lamps, you will find the wonderful sight around this house architecture. This house coming the elongated rectangular look that would show up in golden color when the dark is coming. There, the lighting at the garden makes this ending look so adorable with the nature environment.

Spacious Architecture House with Modern Design

When you go to the upstairs, you will find the awesome look at the rooftop. This part connect with the stone brick staircase at the corner. When you see at the picture above, there are some light purple bench on the wooden floor. The rooftop designed with the several golden spotlight built in on the wooden floor. The presence of the high and large trees surrounding this house makes the nature sense so strong.

Spacious Look for One-Storied House with Current Architecture Design

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