Stunning House with Enclosed Internal Garden Architecture Design

The unusual house look that designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design lies on the 855 square maters space on a 1200 square mater side. This house located in Singapore that appear as the special things with internal garden. There, you can see at the picture above the open layout house with the dinning set in half indoor but it could belongs to outdoor style. The open space with classy crystal pendant lamp with large transparent round table and set with simple chairs there.

Beautiful View for Enclosed Garden House

From this angle, you will get the best view of internal garden. The view that would show you the modern and fresh look inside you house in open space. the internal garden coming with large rectangular greenery smooth grass that some big trees are grew up there. While, around this internal garden, the house designed with two side open and the rest two side are closed one. The roof side of this house done with striped wooden exterior throughout this house.

House with Enclosed Garden

House Architecture done with Modern Internal Garden Ideas

The beautiful view always get from any angle of this house. As you can see at the picture above, the scenery of this house generated by the combination of wooden and modern nature look. There is the private spaces in contrary that hidden from visitors eyes. All the courtyards have the assorted material finishes. The internal garden there framing with pebbles to avoid the muddy situation ahead when the rain is coming.

House with Internal Garden Decor

You are already seen that this house done with striped wooden design for the exterior. At the picture, the garage designed with striped wooden on the brick floor stones. While, around this house is fill with plants and some part are gardening in small spaces. This look beautiful for the combination of striped wood and nature plants for the exterior design.

Internal Enclosed House Design

An open layout coming with the floor and roof designed from wooden as the material. The interior furniture are chosen in simple style that would perfectly suit on the around environment. At the picture, there are single elongated grey sofa with the other wooden chair that fill up the living space with some spot lights on the wooden roof. While, the simple wooden staircase with the transparent holder complete this open layout space.

Smart Way to have Middle Open Space House

Adorable Enclosed Internal Garden House Architecture

The presence of the swimming pool makes this house so stunning in fresh look. The pool that decorate with the large plants on the corner side to give the nature environment around this space. there is the space to connect between the pool side and the open side at the edge of the pool under the roof to give the comfortable for everyone there.

Stunning Look for Open Space House

The difference between the courtyards, living room, dinning room and the swimming pool is to catch the breezes that move throughout this house. The second storey of the house has the solid hardwood louvers that can be customized by hand allow to desire the amount of breeze and sunlight to filter through inside the house. When you enjoy the internal garden in the daylight, you will protected by the sun lighting because the presence of the height of this house.

Wonderful Internal Enclosed Garden House Architecture