Stunning Small Bathroom Ideas With Minimum Cost

One of those days, you might be getting bored with the same old look bathroom. To top it off, you feel that the size is rather small for you to explore more option and you don’t have much money to remodel it to your liking. Yes, budget and size matter, but they can’t restrict your creative mind. You still can come up with a dream bathroom, even with limited cost and space.

small bathroom ideas on budget

What does it take to have such bathroom in the home? These ideas will show you the way!

Don’t Overstuff Your Bathroom

a pop of red in minimalist bathroom

When size involves in designing a small bathroom, it’s essential to keep everything simple. Meaning, you should go with a modest design, from the palette, flooring, and other bathroom necessities. But you can add a pop of color to showcase a simple yet elegant look, making the space far from dull.

Make the Most of the Space

wire basket to add extra storage and texture

You can take advantage of the vacant spaces left in your small bathroom. For instance, check out underneath your sink. If there’s space under it, you could place wire basket for some extra storages. Also, the wire basket will add texture to your minimalistic bathroom. It’s a very affordable addition to your bathroom remodeling project.

Focus on Paint Project

bathroom painting project

Changing your bathroom paint could be an affordable revamping option. Just do a perfect job with the painting process and you will get a stunning, fresh look of a bathroom.

bathroom wallpaper idea on budget

Want a cheaper option? There’s always removable wallpaper to help you out.

Strategic Placement is the Key

bathroom mirror placed on the right spot

The easiest and cheapest remodeling project is by minding about strategic placement. With zero cost, you can have a fresh look for your bathroom. The key is how you place the stuff in a way that can offer a beautiful and refreshing flair.

greenery on a sink for decoration

Even a single wall mirror or a small decorative item placed in the right place could make a difference.

Get A Larger Mirror

expanding mirror for an update bathroom look

A mirror will be a tight buddy of your small-sized bathroom. Besides cheap, a mirror can create an illusion of larger space. But make sure you get a larger mirror compared to what you already have. You can create a more expansive mirror with sheet mirrors just like the above design.