Stylish Design for Australian Residence with Modern Architecture Look

The eye-catching architecture of this house is located in Victoria, Australia and designed by an architect Michael Ong. He makes the interior of this house so unique and different for each living space. at the picture above, you can see that the bathroom is decorated in half yellow painted to give the sense of charm and cheerful inside. The minimalist design for each bath furniture makes the ending look so adorable with the large single mirror on the wall.

Bright Yellow Interior Design for Australian Architecture

The inside part of this house appear with the floor and roof are made from wood as the material. As you can see there, the open space in the middle of the house coming with the single table and bench to enjoy the fresh air. While, from the inside, this house arranged in modern design with the mixing of using transparent wall glass exterior.

Decorating with Wooden in Cool Interior Australian Residence

Contemporary Australian Residence with Stunning Ideas

When you see this house, you will find an amazing architecture of wooden style. This house done in two parts. The first is the wooden side for the upper part. Then, the lower floor done with brick stone wall exterior. Bare mansory blocks outside is suitable for this kind of current house. The outdoor view of this house would makes you mesmerizing with the arrangement of the architecture design.

Friendly Look with Current Australian Architecture Residence

As you can see at the picture above, the interior of this house mix with the wood and modern material. The staircase that covered with wooden layer and the simple fence holder there suitable for the roof and floor that using the same material. The use of wood as the part of the furniture interior match with the simple pendant lamp that give the good reflection inside.

Minimalist Australian Architecture with Simple Interior

This house exterior would shocking you by having the unique windows design. there, you will get the stunning outdoor view by the upper side of this house. The single elongated rectangular window with some smaller windows under it makes the ending look so inviting.

Outstanding Exterior for Australian Architecture Residence

Cool Architecture for Australian Residence

As we know, mostly part of this house is using wood as the material. Then, the color is following with the natural wood color itself. that’s what makes this house architecture looks so comfortable yet stunning. When you going into this house, the combination of stone brick and wooden are very nice.

Stunning Wooden Interior Australian Residence

Another look for exterior part of this house coming with the special look. The upper side of house architecture with the small part exterior decoration using the same wood material. This wooden residence would perfectly suit on your environment with the blue sky as the background and the attractive feeling around this house beautifully. The presence of some big trees around this house support to give the fresh air inside your house.

Stylish Design for Australian Residence with Modern Architecture