Stylish House with Functional 11 Foot Wide Row Architecture

Currently, the renovation house become trend with some architects getting rush with the architecture. This time, we would give you another renovation project for a young family with two kids. The house that lies only 11 feet wide called as Little House, Big City was constructed by Office of Architecture. There, the interior house for bed space appear with large bed and small nightstand. Then, a windowsill seat complete this furniture in the white color theme with the laminate wooden floor.

Bedroom with Small Space and Windowsill

If you are feel bored with the white color theme for housing decoration. here, the mudroom applied the bold printed wallpaper with the floating white sink and potted plant. The use of floral style of wallpaper gives the fresh look into the living space. the minimalist choice for sanitary wash furniture is the right one to complete this mudroom.

Bold Printed Wallpaper with Recent Sink Furniture

11 Foot Wide House with Renovation Design in Modern Architecture

Concerning this house with 11 foot wide only, the architect designed the dinning space in smart way. As you can see at the picture, the dinning space joined together with the presence of large high book shelve. The wooden chairs and white dinning table decorating this space within the elongated seat on place with book shelve. This way could save your space immediately.

Dinning Space with Book Shelf and Wooden Chair

It is important to free up the space specially for your kids. At the picture, the kids room coming with the large floating desks on the white wall. Then, this floating desk functioning also as their place with the joined tables and chairs. The best way to store their toys and stuff there. The white fur rug complete this kids room beautifully in comfy.

Kid Room with Large Shelf for Store Toys and Stuff

Another side of this indoor house room coming from the living space. this one appear with the same laminate wooden floor and the sectional grey-light sofa that shaped in L. At the other side, the large shelve with some vintage furniture and small creamy carpet get the neutral look there. The presence of large windows and transparent white curtain gives the fresh effect in this living room with the single potted plant and single wooden armchair.

Living Room with L Sofa Shaped and Shelf Vintage Furniture

Impressive House with 11 Foot Wide Design Architecture

Another place to let you get the space to eat is coming with this one living space. the breakfast space that could save your space. there are the white floating desk that you can store your things such as cups, glass and many more. The white marble table that functioning as the cabinet complete this furniture with the double stools there.

Minimalist Breakfast Space in White Decor

This house consist of master bedroom on the top floor and an urban mudroom in the fresh dug out basement. For your information, each wall, window and door were thoughtfully designed to maximize each floor’s layout. The architects team chose the current materials to renovated this house with the Scandinavian decoration that the white visually wider the spaces and fill with light and air.

Stylish House with Functional 11 Foot Wide Row Architecture