Superb Wall Décor Ideas for Small Home and Apartment Dwellers

You may think that having small homes or apartments will limit your option to decorate the spaces. This is actually further from the truth. Just let the limitation stays in the layout, but not with your creativity. No matter what size you have for a living place, you can always make up for it by having superb decorations without restricting your movement. That is by decorating your walls.

superb wall decor ideas

To help you out, we have gathered some wall décor ideas to offer. Do check them out below!

Fabric for a Sense of Softness

showcase fabric for a wall decor

A wall hanging or the tapestry will add pattern and color to your space. On top of that, it also offers a sense of softness. Try framing pretty textiles of your choice like vintage scarves, wall rugs, etc, to achieve this decorating goal.

Mirrors to Create Illusion

decorate with mirrors

It’s widely known that mirrors can help create the illusion of more space and make the space brighter in the process. This item is often used by small space owners not only for that purpose but also to beautify the walls. To decorate with mirrors, you can hang an oversized mirror or showcase smaller mirrors salon style.

Enchanting Wall Mural

scenic wall mural

There’s so much mural can do to your decorating project. Either you hand paint it or go with a wall covering, wall mural will make such a huge impact on your space.

Multi-Purpose Shelves

floating shelves as wall decor

If you don’t have any floor space left to arrange your books and whatnot, go to your walls and install floating shelves there. Function-wise, shelves are handy as extra storages. But, it also works to upgrade the look of your bare wall.

Hang Plates

decorative plates for wall decor

Plates also have that decorative element in it, thus make the most of them as a decorative item and hang them on one side of your wall.

Display Sculptural Sconces

Sculptural Sconces wall decor

Sconces can add an extra source of light while situated as a decorative item as well. Besides, it won’t take up the space on a side table or the floor. Choose one with unique, sculptural designs in it to bring more style to your home.