Swedish Countryside with Bat-Shaped House Architecture

Andre Pihl create this house as the Villa G that inspired by Batman characterization. There, the house using the shaped of bat for real into the roof that you can see from the top above angle side. Actually, this one coming with the 1960s house and has been remodeling by Andre Pihl. The house has the interior decor very clean and minimalist that he only use the neutral color palette. The white an navy with creamy light wooden colors are give the stunning interior look.

Clear and Minimalist Color Palette for House Interior

When you this house from outside angle, you will get so fall in with the exterior look. The terrace that coming with the dark structure and golden light exterior suitable with the surrounding view. The greenery garden with some trees decorate this landscape naturally and some terrace to complete this house for who those want to enjoy the outside scenery directly.

Gorgeous Terrace House Exterior

Summer House Architecture with Bat-Shaped Exterior

At the picture above, the house clearly seen as the villa with outstanding architecture. The front side of this house has the extra outdoor space that covers up with roof and floor. The space that completed with the large transparent glass windows that gives the glazed looks there even from the inside or outside.

House with Dark Exterior and Glazings

This time, move into the inside of the house that applied monochrome color theme. The living room using the white color that applied on the ceilings and roof. While, the black color applied for elongated sofa, table, chairs, pendant lamps and the framed windows door. The grey abstract carpet looks suitable with this minimalist house interior.

Living Room with Black and White Color Theme

House that Inspired from Batman Architecture in Countryside

At the other side, we have the twin blue armchairs that perfectly complete this corner. There, the large windows makes this living space appear in enough brightness in the white color theme interior. The classy carpet enrich the color palette with the small shelf to let you put your stuff on there while enjoying the view.

This house is located in Swedish countryside where the greenery around give the fresh look within the environment. The peculiar shape with full height windows designed to get an enough light and view. The modern style shaped as a bat with the gorgeous architecture and the three interlocking diamond-shaped volume give the unique look to the house in blue sea color decoration roof interior.

Swedish Countryside with Bat-Shaped House Architecture