Tasteful Recent House Ideas with Attractive Split Level Architecture

Again, coming with the house that designed by Melbourne-based Techne Architecture + Interior Design. the residence that using the nestling into the slope split house design sees light filled the open spaces rotating off a central dark spine. The bath space of this house designed in large room with the grey and warm-colored wood with the double sink and elongated wooden dresser. The presence of large folded mirror makes this bathroom as the modern package of interior bath house.

Bathroom with Grey Concrete Twin Sink

Let’s take a look into the living room with the breakfast space at the corner. The presence of creamy white rounded sofa, a storage unit, a velvet chair and a glazed framed walls that gives the awesome view from the inside. The dark cushions with the rounded tables on the stunning carpet makes the space looks comfy. The transparent glazed walls always help to keep the living room get an enough natural sun lighting.

Breakfast Zone with Rounded Large Sofa and Glazed Walls

Impressive Architecture with Split Level House Type

Here, we have the kitchen that designed with open layout with the different zones. There are three spaces that presence without any particular room divider for kitchen, dinning room and living room. the minimalist look fill up this space with the wooden furniture and touches of monochrome color palette decorating there.

Different Level of Dinning Room and Living Room

This house has the working space with the comfortable side. At the picture above, the home office construct with the long windowsill desk and the single blue chair with the classy sofa as the addition. The single chair that directly faced the elongated windows would help you to get more focus with the presence of nature sight.

Home Office with Windowsill Long Desk and Blue Sofa

House with Split Level Architecture in Current Look

Another interior house coming from the kitchen that using the wooden furniture. The light-colored wooden is use for the kitchen island with some white marble touches for the surface. Then, the extra kitchen have three black stools there to functioning as the eating space of bar space at the same time.

Kitchen in Light-colored Theme Decor Wooden Cabinet White Marble Touches

At the other side of this house interior, there is a space that looks stunning even in monochrome color theme. The entryway that directly face the ladder that lead into the private space of upstairs. The presence of inner balcony makes this house looks so outstanding with some potted plants there to decorate.

Private Space for Inner Balcony with Ladder Decor

When you see this house from the outdoor angle, you will find the exterior house done in stunning look. The use of dark color theme such as black, grey and brown help to make this house blend beautifully with the surroundings. The presence of greenery yard and garden give the fresh atmosphere around the house.

Tasteful Recent House with Split Level Architecture