Tea House Interior Ideas with Exciting Architecture Design

This time, the unique architectural house applied the grey abstract interior that designed by Archi-Union Architect located in Shanghai on three thousand two hundred square feet. There, the inside is decorated with natural gray wooden for stairs, walls, ceiling and many more. This place give the nature sense inside the house.

Amazing Look for Interior using Tea House Ideas

As you can see at the picture above, the interior still applied the gray color with the dark tone furniture. There, the single armchair using black color with the geometric random shape of ceiling decoration and several white spot light on the roof. The large square picture lean on the wall are suitable with the gray fur rug there.

Bold Color for Interior Living Space Architecture

Lovely Tea House Architecture for Modern Design

The theme of this house is divided into three parts with the different side and view. Eco greenery still as the winner ideas for connect this house with nature and working as part of it. The gray color always fit with the use of white armchair furniture for dinning set with thick red dark wooden dinning table. At the other side, the open glass windows beautifully enchanted your living space.

Exciting Architecture with Modern Design Tea House

When you coming inside the interior house, you will find the unique shape of wall interior that connect with the ceilings up there. Without using the marble or ceramic as the flooring material, this house already stunning in natural gray color and looks so free that unnecessary furniture is not added.

Grey Interior with Current Design Architecture

Another cool place in this house is you can let yourself drowning into the written world. Where the large space of twin book shelves are the perfect place for you. This house library directly met the nature by the open wall glass at the other side with the appearance of tree at the balcony.

Living Book Shelf with Interior Exciting Tea House

Breathtaking View Nature for Tea House Architecture

The house library has everything you are looking for to read and enjoy the nature view outdoor from inside your house. There, you can drowning easily to read the book at two side of inside or outside of your house. The book shelves it self design with the modern look and the sofa armchair with the gray fur rug increase the comfortable of your reading time.

Stunning Living Book Shelves within Modern Interior

This kind of house is the landscape with the private zone that mix up with the nature and arranged beautifully as the exciting architecture house modern yet minimalist stylish interior. The house has the gold light for each indoor lamps to make a beautiful golden view from the outside when the light is turn on through the open wall glass.

Wonderful Look for Minimalisr Tea of House Architecture