Terracotta-Colored Tile Design for Olmen Farmhouse Type Architecture

The architecture house that using farmhouse style was designed by architect Pascal Franҫois that he still applied the traditional of local agricultural architecture. The house is located on Belgian farmland with Terracotta-colored tiles clad with the use of oak-framed windows. The choosing of a browny horizontal lining exterior looks, which makes this house really stunning for farmhouse style. The extra outdoor space where you can have a seat on there on the furniture set table and benches.

Browny Exterior House

This house has a narrow large window space where the dinning area got some natural lighting from it. The large rectangular wooden table looks suitable with the armchair wooden there. The presence of pendant lamps also makes this space so nice in the eyes.

Dinning Space with Simple Wooden Design

Modern Architecture Farmhouse with Terracotta-colored Tiles

In the picture above, the exterior house coming with the transparent glass that would let you see the awesome view from the inside. The presence of some rounded pool at the outside gives another beautiful nature look for the exterior decoration garden. The glazing makes the beautiful reflection from the tree around this house.

Exterior Farmhouse with Glazing

The outdoor corridor designed by the architect using the browny colored pebbles between two sides of the houses. The one with the neutral brick walls and the other side the browny horizontal exterior with the medium narrow of the corridor width. This space absolutely fit for you who like the fresh look of farmhouse style architecture.

Outdoor House Corridor in Stunning Way

Farmhouse with Terracotta-Colored Tiles Architecture

On the other side, the stunning stairs that made all pure are from the maroon brick. These stairs would lead you to the upper ground where you can have the purple flower garden there. These exterior stairs absolutely beautify this farmhouse in an attractive way.

Outdoor Staircase Farmhouse

Another interior corridor coming with a wooden design for the floor. This site is the way where all the room is beside the corridor and directly have the transparent glass wall on the other side. This inside corridor would absolutely help you to get the whole side of the house only one way.

Stunning Interior House in Wooden

The circulation of this house has the wall of the opening there the old brick and timber barn are connected in the designed house architecture way. The extra built-in glazing balcony would absolutely give you the awesome experience there with the flowery view garden at the outside.

Terracotta-Colored Tile Design for Olmen Farmhouse Type Architecture