The Ayana Komodo Resort: The First Five Star Resort on Flores Island

The Ayana Komodo Resort was developed by WATG Pioneers in Waecicu Beach, Flores Island, Indonesia. This is the first ever five-star resort on the Flores Island and built on a 1.4-hectare site. The resort comprises 192 guestrooms, 13 suites and a spa sized 420 m2.

ayana komodo resort

Upon entering the Ayana Komodo Resort, guests will arrive at a roof-top lobby area where one of the three cozy hotel bars is located. During night time, the three bars will be invaded by a golden glow from the lighting. The resort comes with mesmerizing marine life and white beaches. Guests also will be able to see the stunning views of the calming Flores Sea. Overall, the resort design will make the visitors feel one with the surrounding nature.

a stunning view of calming flores seas

The architecture team was inspired by Flores’s rich cultural and ecological landscape, such as the rugged Manggarai Mountain range as well as a wide variety of local materials and traditional Batik patterns. They incorporated these ideas to create an informed identity for the Ayana Komodo Resort.

design insipired by the rugged Manggarai Mountain range

Meanwhile, for the resort’s guest wing, the architecture team was inspired by the Komodo Dragon’s power. As the largest land reptile on Earth, it’s only natural for them to integrate the idea into the design, specifically the guest wing.

the guest wing architecture was inspired by the komodo dragon's power

The Komodo Dragon’s power is reflected through a single curved form with continuous tessellated surfaces and balcony ages. This curve is designed in such a way to resemble the body and skin of the Komodo Dragon.

the guest wing closer look

The Ayana Komodo Resort is considered as WATG’s top 100 most innovative built projects. With originality, style, and innovative design in mind, they thoroughly designed those projects and came with the desired results.

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