The Cheetah Plains Game Lodge: A Modern Update For A Traditional Safari And Game Lodge

The Cheetah Plains Game Lodge had gone through some update that recently finished by ARRCC. The previous traditional safari and game lodge is situated in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

the cheetah plains game

The designing team from ARRCC re-designed this traditional game lodge to offer a complete modern feel. However, despite the new modern look, the design still interacts with the surrounding outside views.

a traditional game lodge to modern one

The Cheetah Plains Game Lodge comes with multiple ‘houses’ that act as a relaxation space for the guests. With that in mind, the design team ditched the idea of making these houses into communal spaces with individual bedroom suites.

the lodge with multiple houses

Again, despite its modern and sophisticated look, the design team still considered the concept of nature and earth to the game lodge’s design. This concept can be seen through the chosen earthy materials such as wood in the lodge’s interior. By incorporating the wood element in the interior, the lodge has succeeded to complement the trees outdoor.

earthy touch to modern look

The game lodge has many rooms that are open to outdoor spaces. Like this dining room for instance. The guests can co-exist with nature whenever they stay in the space thanks to the sliding glass walls installed on both sides.

rooms are open to outdoor space

Every individual house gets its own dining space intact with a kitchen and a personal chef who is ready to serve the guests.

the dining and kitchen area of the game lodge

There’s a pool with a sculptural canopy within the game lodge. The canopy will shade the guests when they are in the pool area. To make it more enjoyable, the guests can sit and gather around the fireplace in this area.

the pool area with a sculputral canopy

The Cheetah Plains Game Lodge offers a true feeling of being outdoors hence the design team used glass walls to evoke such feeling. However, it still protects the guests from sunny days due to the existence of cantilevered roof structures.

a true feeling of being outdoors