The Desmond Tutu: A Bold-Designed Clinic in Cape Town

TheMAAK has been appointed by the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) to build its newest clinic located within the low income area of Masiphumele, Cape Town, South Africa. The new project is to create an intervention to its existing clinic facility, offering increased space for the medical work to carry out. Concerning the social issues of the South African region as the main focus, the design tries to form a welcoming and striking architectural vision that creates a balance between subtle and bold.

the desmond tutu clinic

The facility comes with the saw-tooth roofline designed by the social architects to let the light in and to create an eye-catching exterior. For the main façade in the north, the architecture team used aluminum fins that intend to offer a proud entrance for the DTHF staff.

saw-tooth roofline for an eye-cathing exterior

When viewed from the side, the fins compound looks like a solid structure, but it appears to move apart upon moving across the site. This design offers an element of transparency, allowing visitors to see through the inner working spaces.

north facade details

From the north façade of this facility where the entrance is located, a bold and formal presence is strongly felt on arrival.

bold, formal presence

The geometry of this saw-tooth roofline is expressed on the main north façade as well as the southern elevation.

the saw-tooth geometry

The saw-tooth shape provides natural light for the interior, creating a cozier working environment. On the lower levels, there are light-sensitive lab spaces that have been shaded by the overhanging social landing above.

The saw-tooth shape provides natural light for the interior

Through its bold exterior, the clinic aims to establish a new face for every work that will be carried out by the foundation in order to help communities throughout South Africa.

the ceiling details

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