The Dessert KITCHEN: A Café with An Eye-Catching Façade

Towodesign was completed a new café called the Dessert KITCHEN in an underground mall in Chengdu, China. The café comes with an eye-catching façade and an outdoor dining space that is designed to look like a slice of cheese.

a slice of cheese that draws people attention

The inspiration behind this café is the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The design team wanted to craft a journey of imagination for the customers while at the same time drawing people attention to the café. Hence, they incorporated a bright yellow cheese slice that looks enticing and draws the customers in to travel through the slice into the café. Moreover, the design of the cheese slice offers an extra seating area outside.

dessert heaven concept for the interior

Inside, the design team created dessert heaven with a church-like interior structure to evoke a sense of ‘ritualism’. Elements of towering domes of churches were utilized to the ceiling that consists of few vaults.

yellow offers a softer interior

The fin helps to cover the vaults while yellow painted walls behind the fins create a soft color scheme that links to the bar counter and the yellow cheese slice façade.

the service or bar counter with elements of cheese

The service or bar counter also integrates the elements of cheese to mimic the structural dining area outside. At the same time, the design will attract people’s attention when they pass by. Overall, the design of this café offers a modern touch with an attention grabbing element found in the façade and the use of color yellow. It helps brighten up the atmosphere without having much efforts.