The Ecumenical Chapel: A Non-Religious Chapel to Meditate in Morelos, Mexico

The Ecumenical Chapel was designed by BNKR on a 170-meter-square area in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Commenced in 2013, the chapel was developed based on the requests of some customers who visited the Estancia Chapel in the country. The idea of the Ecumenical Chapel is to create a non-religious chapel to meditate.

ecumenical chapel by bnkr

The chapel was designed to be more discreet compared to the Estancia Chapel design. Hence, the designing team created a chapel that could not be seen from the outside but the design ought to be spectacular.

the inside view is hidden from the outside 1

The inside look of the Ecumenical Chapel should be hidden from the outside. Here’s the closer look of the chapel which is situated under the ground.

the inside view is hidden from the outside 2

The spectacular design means that the clients wanted to feel something special upon entering and staying in the chapel. They wanted to have a similar feeling as to when they visited the Estancia Chapel or Sunset Chapel.

the special feeling upon entering the chapel

To realize this, the designing team created a chapel as if it was buried in the ground. They also added a vital element into the design that is ‘Water’.

water added to the design

The water represented by the water mirror installed at the ground level. From the outside, it looks like a small stream in the garden. But when you get close, there’s a downward ramp that surrounds the chapel.

the water mirror

The chapel has a beautiful U-glass entrance and when entering, you will be great by an oculus in the metal plate that allows you to see the outside view through the glass mirrors. Large quartz is situated at the center on the metal plate. Overall, this is a seclude and serene place to meditate.

the large quartz at the center