The Enchanted Design for Wall Unit Furniture in Captivating Ideas

The wall always be the perfect place to make your own work by decorating it. It just like canvas, so you can do everything to make it beautiful with your decoration. The wall that usually fit with some kind of furniture just like shelf, TV stand, desk or even dresser and many more. This time, the wall unit is coming by the long single shelf hanging at the wall and the desk that placed on the floor. All this wall unit furniture are set in white color theme design.

Beautiful in White for Wall Unit Furniture

The next wall decoration is using the large and thick boxes that functioning as the shelf with the black color as the background and the front side is using the white grey color. This kind of wall unit using the beautiful ending result by the addition of large long desk on the floor.

Boxes Wall Decoration Ideas

Living Up your Living Room by Using this Wall Unit Design

To decorating the wall with the boxes transparent design is by using three large pipe of stainless steel for hanging up them. this wall unit functioning as the shelf so you can put the things on there. The special feature here is the boxes of the wall unit decoration could be easily rotate 360 degree as your needs.

Minimalist Wooden Design for Wall Unit Idea
This kind of wall unit here is adorable because using the wood as the material furniture there. The wood decoration as the background of wall unit, while the front side is using the white color that make the result so sweet in the eyes. The wall unit coming with the big square hanging closed desk there with the shelf at the other side and the desk on the bottom of the floor.

Safe Space using Wall Unit in Simple Way

Pleasant Design Ideas for Wall Decor Unit Furniture

the blue navy color is always mesmerizing to apply because it could be fit on any other color and design furniture decor. This one is the huge rectangle white wall unit only for the edge that is functioning also as the TV stand. The wall unit is so simple that make the both side of this is for one single shelf.

Stylish Wall Unit Design

May the white color makes you feel bored, you can use this one kind of wall unit that using the grey abstract nature painting decoration with the beautiful effect. This furniture, make your wall decoration end up in stunning look. The combination of wall unit here is coming with shelf and the long single desk on the bottom.

Ultra Minimalist Wall Decorating Ideas with Shelf

Living up your wall decoration by using the beautiful shelf wall design. This time coming with the attractive shelf with the thin black lining with various point that would attract your eyes to see. While this wall unit is in the shelf mode, you can freely put down your things there such as vase, books or even lamps to beautify your wall decoration.

Domino Wall Unit Decor Idea with Bookcase Design