The Fresh Look for Via Sauvagia Modern Architecture with Earthy Colored

The unique architecture mostly applied for the house that has the particular function. This time, the house that specially made to disconnect from the busy cities to find a peace and enjoy the nature directly from the house place. As you can see above, the interior house architecture applied the white color with the sliding wardrobe on the fresh brown color laminate wooden floor. There, the bedroom using mostly in gray color for the rug, nightstand and the bed cover.

Another Look for Bedroom Ideas

This kind of kitchen using the wood as the material for the whole part such as countertop, backsplash and the floor. At the other side, we have the open glass transparent wall to let the sun light come into the living space. there, the roof for kitchen space using the spot light while there are some white stools complete the kitchen furniture.

Designed with Wooden for Via Sauvagia Current Interior

When your house decorate with the open windows without using curtain. This bedroom applied the one like that. The bed that using the minimalist design that you can see the nature outdoor directly from your bed door. The bedroom with the simple brown color for fur rug and the brown abstract fur bed cover.

Earthy Look for Bedroom Interior Housing Architecture

Cool Ideas for Via Sauvagia House Architecture Design

Every side of the house would absolutely beautiful for having the large open glass wall. Here, the living space that having the modern simple shelf with the large mirror on the laminate wooden floor are the best combination with the open glass wall. At the other side, the single piece of tree in small size beautify the living decoration while the reflection from the outdoor would clearly see through the mirror.

Met Nature Directly for Modern Design

This living room would absolutely beautify the look by using the minimalist furniture. This architecture applied the bold neutral color tone decoration. the dark grey sofa with the grey fur rug are suitable with the wooden dinning table with rattan chairs there. The orange gold glass pendant lamps makes the living room so classy.

Minimalist Design for Current Interior

Designing House Architecture with Modern Earthy Color Theme

The picture above, we could see that there is no room divider to separate with the other living room. this kind of living space has the architecture that without room divider, you can get the comfortable look in your house. This one, there is no door to separate between bedroom and living room.

Stunning Living Room Interior for Earthy Architecture

This house architecture done with original feel that generated by adorable cabins built up along the slopes closely to the mountain. The Via Sauvagia is a residential that develop in Canada. This architecture play with combining nature and earthy colors to dominate interior. Where the wood and stone as the natural element give the sense of simplicity and rusticity.

Via Sauvagia Modern Architecture with Earthy Colored Interiors

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