The Glass Fortress: A Secret Garden Hidden by 20,000 Glass Bricks

Archismith, Bangkok based architecture studio, was in charge of building a garden covered with 20,000 glass bricks in Bangkok, Thailand. Known as the Glass Fortress, it is a part of the sales office for residential development in the city. The sales gallery has been included in the Dezeen Awards 2019 for the business building category.

the glass fortes

The architecture team designed the garden to be disconnected from its site to avoid the developer’s sales gallery which is located in the same neighborhood. Hence, they set the main building back from the street with a protruding block made of glass bricks that function as an entrance pavilion while enclosing a garden altogether.

with a protruding block made of glass bricks that function as an entrance pavilion

the entrance look

Inside the glass brick walls, there’s a secret garden filled with trees planted on either side of the main path. The architecture firm was also installed a water-misting system to control the temperature of the garden during hot and humid weather condition.  Meanwhile, the Glass Fortress can be seen as a large garden that will be developed as a part of the apartment project.

inside the glass fortes and the garden view

The glass brick walls will lead you to the main building where they cover a light-filled seating area. In this area, there is a space containing models of the development. The development leads to a two-show apartment and the offices for the sales team.

the light-filled seating room

The sales gallery is developed to create the feeling of living closer to nature. It can be seen through this seating area where the light penetrates the space while greenery surrounds it.

the closer look of the seating area

There are 20,000 glass bricks in total used to construct the Glass Fortress. Each brick has edges that extend to partially cover grouting. Thanks to this detail, it reduced the visible grouting from originally 10 mm to 2 mm. Also, the detail is crucial to achieve the aesthetic look of the project in order to bring in the continuous look of the glass façade.

the 20,000 glass bricks