The Innovative Decoration in Shelves Idea with Simplicity

The great ending result need a certain plan in every detail, especially in some case of furniture house. The decorating furniture always turn in complex opinion. This one type, the furniture that important to decorating your wall. The shelves that turning into the crucial function in your house. Here, the shelf using the wooden frame for store the books that open up without the cover. At the upper side, we could put on the vase to beautify your shelf.

Bookcase Modern with Open Look in Simplicity

The large kind of shelf that require a lot of space in your living room is actually the best one, because it takes a good arrangement to give the great look result ending. The large shelf could store not only vase or books but it could be the table lamps, toys  and other antique things. The wooden frame shelf chosen because it has the strong material and durable.

Eye-Catching Look by Wooden Classic Type of Shelves Ideas

Imaginative Design Turn Into Reality Furniture Ideas

The triangle shape still looks beautiful for every kind of furniture. The shelf that has no ending creation old designing try to makes the fresh look by hanging up the plants or accessories decoration at the wall. The use of triangle provide the decoration that no need more extra look again. It is enough by using the wooden triangle shape and the black small rope to hang them up there.

Fresh Wall Garden with Triangular Shape Wooden Hanging Up Decoration

Another way to arrange the shelf by the new look is using the large rope to hang the several layers at the roof. By this way, you will get several layers that could provide to put the things there. The new shelf look is not always about the desk with the old style, but with the rope that already enhance the looks by the view of decorate furniture ideas.

Large Wall Hanging Shelf with Big Ropes Chic Look Design

Latest Ideas for New Shelf Furniture Design

There are a lot of string that you can use to make the current look of shelves furniture. Not only using the rope, but you can use the leather belt that is strong enough to hang up the several wooden layers shelf. There, the books, vase and other things could be safely put on, because the leather belt could be customized the length and it is creative idea for decorating.

Leather Belts Design Idea with Two Layers Wooden Type

Decorating the shelf doesn’t always about the order desk or the hanging things, but it could be in the random boxes that hang at the wall with the extra design. The random boxes that could play in a good design is the impressive way to brighten up your wall decor in your living room. Don’t forget to always using the stable colors when choosing more than two colors.

Recent Hanging Wall Design with Boxes Bookcases Ideas

Currently, the randomly design of shelves is trending. The disorder size and placement of each layer shelf is a good way to attract people eye in your living space. This one coming with the hanging shelf with two different size with the wooden as the holder. The other decoration that we can do is by make some holes to the layer that later would be the place for vase and it would safe, far from fall down.

Wooden Holder Design For mini Shelf Things Design