The Nelson Mandela Park: A True City Park Boosting The Quality of Surrounding Public Places and Safety

Nelson Mandela Park or previously known as Bijlmerpark is a city park project handled by Mecanoo Architecten. Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the Nelson Mandela Park is a true city park that has been transformed to house six hectares of sports facilities as well as 700 residences surrounding the park perimeter.

nelson mandela park

The aim of this project is to transform the city park in order to boost the quality of public space and safety in the Biklmermeer district. The park is also a part of the large-scale renewal of the street.

boost the quality of place and safety in the district

The park comprises eight entrances composed of three open vertical gates. Moving through the hilly park, there are footpaths that link the cultural northern end with the ecological, natural southern end.

consisted of 8 entrances

Varying trees and magnolia fields offer a different experience in the park depending on the changing season. The park will surely look impressive no matter what the season is.

different trees and magnolia fields

The nature park in the southern end is marked by large areas of water. Aside from water, it has colorful fields with wetland plants, a water deck, and bridges.

bridges that connect the areas

The elegant lanes and bridges are seen meandering through the park. Connecting one area to another while offering a natural view anyone cannot miss.

the southeren part of the park

The lookout hills create a majestic view over the park covered with butterfly-friendly plants. It’s a treat for visitors who want to enjoy the view through the seven-meter hills existed in the Nelson Mandela Park.

spaces to see butterfly bushes

There are also sports fields located centrally in the Nelson Mandela Park. The sports fields play a crucial role to organize many varying activities in the park.

sport fields as the center of the park

Three recreation zones defined by a different function and identity can be found along the main path; the Sport and Game esplanade, the Tribune esplanade, and the Nature esplanade.

a neighborhood park with a diversity of areas

The Sport and Game esplanade to host sports activities where visitors can enjoy watching the activities, such as basketball and skateboarding.

the tribune esplanande

There’s also the Tribune esplanade for watching events held in the park. The tribune overlooks the main field.

the nature esplanade

The Nature esplanade of the Nelson Mandela Park consists of mesmerizing views that overlook the natural pond.

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