The Off Grid Cabin Ideas House for The Hut Architecture

Today, we are gonna have the house that far from the stressing and bothering city. The house that created by architect Greg Dutton and located on a cattle farm in the Ohio Valley. At the picture, the bedroom done with the simple skylights window on the diagonal roof. The wicker touchers with potted plan beautify this minimalist bedroom on the light colored laminate wooden floor with striped smooth roof and wall decoration.

Bedroom done with Skylight Decor for Outstanding Design

This time, the other interior look for using the navy color theme is the kitchen. There, the sleek navy cabinet for backsplash combine with the light colored wooden floating desk for the countertop. There is the small black holder lean on the wall with some lamps on the wall. At the other side, the single windows light up the space beautifully in the striped roof and wall decoration.

Kitchen Done with Sleek Navy Decoration

Modern House Architecture for Off-Grid Cabin

At the picture above, you will feel the comfortable living room there. The space that using wooden as the planks and the natural color scheme such as navy, white colors for some furniture. There, the simple elongated sofa with twin chars looks suitable with the presence of navy dresser and the floating desk on the wall complete this living room. the unique pendant lamps that made out from rattan are stunning.

Living Space with White Colored Design

Actually, the best way to designing the home is by having some space that only use the main furniture to put on. As you can see at the picture, there are only two wooden bench with single modern fireplace fill up the space. while, the rest is free and the space would automatically looks wider. Then, the presence of large transparent wall windows enrich the look of this living room.

Living Space with Welcoming Look in Minimalist

It seems lik almost all the interior house using white striped smooth paint decor. This bedroom coming with different design. the black tile decorating the wall of bath space. there, the white sanitary wash with one small floating desk above the large rounded mirror is the stunning way to have for modern bathroom. While, you can use the both side of the mirror for hanging up the lights.

Simple Bathroom with Highlighted Decor White

Off-Grid Retreat House Architecture in Cabin

Another decoration for kitchen space is the material and colors play an important role here. The presence of large windows at the narrow kitchen always help the space looks wider and clean. there are several wooden holder to hang on some goods there. While, the striped carpet help to decorate the kitchen in simple way.

Stunning White Indoor Design for Modern One

The ending look of this cabin house is mesmerizing in the middle of the woodlands. This off-grid cabin placed the forest so you can enjoy the view and nature from the inside. The goal of this cabin is to makes you feel like the tree house that blend beautifully with nature. This house absolutely the best place to let you find peace from city.

The Off Grid Cabin House for The Hut House Architecture