The Pinea Suite: A Modern, Environmentally-Friendly Interpretation of An Elevated Cabin

ERA Architects designed the Pinea Suite in Barcelona, Spain. The Pinea Suite is a modern interpretation of a cabin that incorporates design elements from a treehouse and a tent. The project ensured that it impacted the surrounding environment as little as possible and kept everything environmentally-friendly.

the pinea suite cabin

Foundations of the cabin are made of reinforced concrete that camouflaged with recycled ceramic gravel. From these foundations, there are metal posts arise that stimulate forest trunks to support the structure.

Foundations of the cabin are made of reinforced concrete

The front pillars have a swimming pool ladder to provide users access to the cabin’s room. Meanwhile, the entire cabin was designed with a wood base, a fabric cover, and a cork façade. Meanwhile, under the cabin, there’s a wooden picnic area with artificial grass. The wooden picnic area is sheltered from the rain and sun.

swimming pool ladder to provide access

Upon entering the cabin, there’s a reading lamp on each side of the bed. The reading lamps feature a battery to charge a phone. The lamp and phone charger get the power from the small solar panels on the roof.

the cabin interior

This modernly designed cabin was made with the surrounding environment in mind. Hence the development was ensured to not affect the environment where the Pinea Suite is situated.