The PURO Hotel’s Interior Combines Contemporary Simplicity and Vintage Finesse

PURO hotel chain collaborated together with London-based studio DeSallesFlint in designing the interior of the PURO’s newest property in Warsaw, Poland.

interiors echoing contemporary simplicity and vintage finesse

The Warsaw’s branch has 148 rooms and the interiors echo a sense of contemporary simplicity in addition to vintage finesse.

gathering spaces with modest lighting

Warsaw’s PURO Hotel incorporates a number of gathering spaces. The gathering spaces include a bar and a lounge with modest decorative lighting hanging on the ceiling.

margari restaurant with rustic atmosphere

Move to the hotel’s Magari restaurant, the design team included furnishings like banquette seating, long communal wood tables, and booths. These furnishings are able to create a more rustic dining atmosphere for the diners.

tropical sense in The rooftop Loreta cocktail bar

The rooftop Loreta cocktail bar evokes a tropical appearance with wood flooring, leaf-print upholstery, and plants.

the business room of PURO hotel

The hotel’s business room comes with a large conference table completed with leather chairs. Behind a frosted door and window, there’s a more private space provided for small meetings and phone calls.

the hotel spa in scandinavian style

Specifically, in the hotel spa, the design team went with a Scandinavian style. The style is vividly seen through the use of cool greys, minimal furnishings, and wood material.

open plan living and dining space in executive suite

An open plan living room and dining area are available in the executive suite. Both spaces feature artwork to help create a homier atmosphere for the tenants.

a contemporary bedroom hotel design

For the bedroom area, a contemporary palette of light grey and wood were used in conjunction with a wood-framed upholstered headboard which was flanked on both sides by small pieces of artwork.

the grey bathroom accented with black elements

The grey theme was still used for the bathroom area. Even so, the space is accented by black elements found in the shower frame, wall hooks, vanity, and mirror.