The Secret to Pursue Home Designer Career

If you are dreaming of designing houses and small buildings but registered architect is not your choice, you may like to explore home designer career opportunities. It is actually an achievable thing for many people to become a certified building designer or home designer. As a home designer, you will be very useful to help those who are not familiar with home remodeling and construction business.

What is a Home Designer in a Nutshell?

Then, what is actually a home designer or building designer? Well, professional home designer is also known as building designer or residential designer. They who are professional on this field specialize in creating light-frame building like single-family or multi-family home. Moreover, it is also possible for them to design light-frame for agricultural buildings, commercial buildings or even decorative front elevations for bigger buildings.

The Secret to Pursue Home Designer Career

How Is the Certification Process?

Different with architect, a home designer does not need to surpass the Architect Registration Examination to get a professional license. To become a professional home designer, here are some of the things that you need to do.

  • First, submit an application and pay the application fee
  • Second, have three verification letters from professionals in building and design field.
  • Third, have six years experience, supervised on-the-job training and also a combination of education.

Before doing the certification process, it is important for someone who wants to pursue a home designer career to do training. You can take classes at a vocational school or an accredited architecture school. You can try to search for training and courses which can give you a wide background in architectural design, construction and problem solving.

Then, on-the-job training is another significant thing to do for you to get the certification as a home designer. You can utilize the career resources center that is available at your school to get this training. In this case, you need to start building a portfolio by working for your design projects. Once you have a few years of training experience through on-the-job training and coursework, you will be able to join the certification exam.

What to Prepare for Examination

Then, what should we prepare for the examination? There can be some areas that are included to the examination. Here is the list.

  • Business administration and practice

It will be about contract term, ethic of online publishing, knowledge about mechanics liens and also due diligence and many other things.

  • Design process

It will be about construction and concept development which focus on your understanding about proportion, symmetry, residential architectural and others.

  • Building design

It will be mostly about designing a building like code for building and fire, type of foundation, wall system and roof, the use and nature of materials such as concrete, wood and others.

Final Thoughts

Those are several points that you need to know when you are going to pursue a home designer career. It will take a lot of energy and time to achieve what you want. So, never give up and good luck!