The Serpentine Coffee House: A Modern Sculptural Coffee House With An Immersive Architectural Resting

The Serpentine Coffee House is a coffee house located between the Serpentine Galleries, London England. It was the work of architectural and design firm Mizzi Studio in collaboration with artisan Italian café operators, Collicci. This project was recently finished and has been attracting many people with its unique architectural design.

the serpentine coffee house

The coffee house offers the views across the Serpentine Lake and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. It blends well with the green trees that surround it and in general with the overall area. The Serpentine Coffee House is a modern sculptural coffee house with an immersive architectural design. It is also a perfect refreshment and contemplation point for the customers.

a modern sculptural coffee house

One of the most interesting points from this coffee house is the design of its roof. Apparently, the roof design was inspired by a stingray’s flight through the water. Not only the roof, but the concept of the coffee house which is open and semi-transparent with glass pavilion also creates the sense as if you are seeing a pagoda architecture traditionally found in a lot of Japanese tea houses.

the roof inspired by a stingray's flight through water

The curved canopy was designed in a way that resembles the movement of the Serpentine Lake. It was also hand-painted using specific techniques in order to evoke an aged-brass finish. In addition, it was textured on the underside with snakeskin-inspired, coffer-like dimples.

the canopy specifically designed with unique techniques

To create an extensive open-air seating area, the canopy tapered towards its edges and cantilevers over the glass structure underneath. The seating area would be a nice, refreshing spot that many people would love to sit around or under it while observing the nearby parkland.

extensive open-air seating

Meanwhile, Mizzi Studio also worked with Arup engineers and manufacturer MouldCAM to construct external skin strengthen by carbon and glass fiber, manufactured using a large format 5-axis CNC milling machine. It was thoroughly constructed to realize the complex fluid from the 11 x 9m canopy.

external skin strengthen by carbon and glass fiber

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