The Successful Design for Villa F with Futuristic Housing Architecture

This time, we would take you to the amazingly beautiful villa with the futuristic design. the house that located in Rhodes, Greece and designed by Peter Thomas Hornung, Elsa Katharina Jacobi and Jan Escher. They create such the villa with the outdoor pool with the sculptural shape. This kind of villa applied the modern element for interior and exterior even for furniture.

Absolutely Beautiful Vila with Futuristic Design

At the picture above, you can see that the futuristic element already applied even for the outdoor part. This section, there is a large and hight white staircase with modern design that using the strip tails for each step to make it into the fence as the protector at the same time. There, the staircase appear with roof and the small side of each step and it gives you many step to step on them.

Adorable Design for Villa F Architecture

Contemporary Architecture for Villa F Housing Design

At the other side of the villa, you can see from the garden. There is a spacious open place without rood and flooring with marble and triangle geometric shape decoration. from the different side, the open living room also have an large and extra roof to protect from the sun light and rain in geometric shape sculpture.

Impressive Villa Design with Contemporary Architecture

Take a look from the inside villa, there is no unnecessary furniture to use there. The small book shelf built inside the small divider on the floor joined with the mini staircase. While, the small wardrobe also decorating the living space that functioning as the table and to store things at the same time. The interior of villa is ultra-minimalist while he white color still dominated this living space mostly all part of this villa even interior or exterior.

Modern Interior for Villa F Design

If we are see from the road angle, we could find the amazing look that using high long and large stone wall along the villa on the road. With the geometric garage sliding door, you will get the beautiful ending look from the ground. The upper side of villa has the large glass balcony in geometric shape that function perfectly to your vacation time.

Outstanding Look for Futuristic Architecture Villa

Gorgeous Villa F with Modernistic Design Architecture

There is the elongated large pool with the blue water in front of the villa. The triangle geometric from the upper side of the roof makes the swimming view looks so gorgeous in the night while the light is turn on. This swimming pool designed with the edge of the stone wall that ending less beautiful and you can have the swim time comfortable and satisfied.

Pool Designed with Floating Roof Architecture Outdoor

This huge building of villa were avoided to reach a quick cool down system. The additional cooling effect added to give the evaporation of the pool. This villa absolutely beautiful with the blue and white color light decoration from the pool and the roof that complete each other at the same time. You will feel extra experience with wonderful sight to see if you choose this building as your holiday plan.

Villa F with Futuristic Architecture