These Seating Nooks Were Inspired By Mountains, Glaciers, and Tents

When Studio O+A was in charge of designing the Slack headquarters in San Francisco, the United States of America, the design team came up with a fun and interesting idea that could complement the whole interior design of the modern office. The idea was to incorporate seating nooks shaped like tents, mountains, and glaciers.

seating nook in a shape of tent made of wood material

Upon entering the lobby area, one of the unique seating nook designs can be soon. It is in the shape of tent made of wood material. The seating nooks are intact with upholstered seating and planters. The space works for short meetings or even meditation section.

the seating nook looking like the sharp geometry of mountain peaks

Moving on to the 4th floor, the design team included wall seating that reminds you of the sharp geometry of mountain peaks. The design makes a contrast to the soft textures and sound-proof warmth of the upholstery.

glacier-like seating nook on 9th floor

On the 9th floor, you can find a seating nook that looks as if it has been carved from a glacier. Though the design resembles glacier, it has no cold ambiance in it. Instead, it is softer and warmer than ancient ice. In addition, the seating comes with hidden lighting to define the shape and provide an ambient glow. It’s a comfortable sitting area for people to hang around or work.

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