This Small Building was Refurbished to A Contemporary Apartment Building

ON Architecture Inc was responsible for a refurbishment project of a small building located in Ulsan, South Korea. Finished in 2015, the project intended to convert the building into several individual apartments.

refurbished apartment building

The building structure is rather uncommon. If looking at the center, there are a set of stairs that divided the area into two spaces while also creating an open structure where both light and air flow into the building.

uncommon building structure

There are two large spaces with their own bathroom on the first level. The external stairs situated under a beautiful wooden roof will lead to two independent apartments. Each has enough space to house a small family.

the long stairs

Move to the upper level, there’s a wider space with greater dimensions that can house a bigger family. This space has more than one bedrooms and bathrooms. There’s also a large open area housing living room, dining space, and kitchen area.

the upper floor and larger space

Two terraces with wooden floors are included on this floor. One of them can be accessed through the living room or the kitchen area. The other terrace is set at the main entrance where we can see the adjacent spaces. The terrace also provides a setting where we would love to spend time with family and friends.

two terraces from the larger apartment

Aside from its odd structure, the apartment building showcases a contemporary design that fits in the surrounding area. The premises are set on the ground floor.

contemporary apartment building

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