Today’s Excellent Dividers Room Ideas

Most of minimalist living space require the room dividers that function to separate the other room part. Here come as the one that using the modern dividers with the bright shining yellow transparent color in medium size. The use of divider in other side has the function as the room decoration.

Bright Yellow Divider  Medium Size

Simple look for room divider that makes your living space become adorable is by  using the white color. The basic color that will match into any color background living room. This divider using the square pattern decor that sliding into three parts. The room divider could be in transparent or not based on your needs.

Classic White Square Pattern Wooden Divider

Go Back Into Classic Style of Divider

There is room dividers that using the hanging up style by the roof. The divider that require the strong string when use it. This kind of divider is using the transparent marble material that shaping into rose flower for each square. Absolutely, this room divider is increasing the decoration look in your living space.

Contemporary Divider Design with Transparent Marble Rose Idea

Room divider are suitable using for every room in your house. So, this one kind of furniture is very useful for make your space shared. You can use your room divider using the same color with the color theme living room, so that it would be nice to see when every furniture is one kind of sight.

Current Minimalist Divider Design Idea

Room Dividers with Chic Design Idea

Living in the modern era, the use of room divider is becoming the trend every time. This kind of room divider that has the double function as the furniture is the hexagon shape that has the hole in so, the things are able to put inside there. The hexagon divider is using the both of color they are white and red that suitable to make it as shelf at once.

Modular Wall System Divider Design with Shelf at Once

The design of room divider that using the simple design with the large size. The divider room has the pastel color. The white and creamy brown color of divider would match with all of your other furniture. This room divider have more than five door sliding to fold.

Original Divider Furniture with Simple Look Decor

The unique look for new room divider is by using the white pure color with the geometric design that are makes holes pattern there. The decoration of divider that makes your living room become beautiful in sight. By this room divider, you living space is eye-catching.

Geometric Style Decoration by Thin Stunning Room Divider