Traditional House with Japanese Architecture Modern Design Ideas

Here come the traditional look for Japanese ideas architecture that would makes you fall in. The dwelling appear with the 1847 square feet and it has been 53 years old. It has been renovated and styled special for a young family of four. This house has the corridor side outside of the main house but still inside the house. The border side gives with the main blocks floor and pebbles for both side to give little decor. The presence of large windows wall makes this space perfectly complete.

Border Side for Corridor House

This Japanese house has the unique design for the arrangement of flooring house interior. At the picture above, the floor coming with laminate wooden same like the ceilings and the walls. There, the dinning space get joined from the table and the floor. While, the other seat on place using the floor and the rest using the common wooden high back chairs. The different floor height helped to create a stunning floor in this living room.

Catchy Floor and View for Dinning room

House with Japanese Element and Modern Architecture

Japanese always has the special typical of life style even for housing architecture. The desk and shelf were inserted into the interior Japanese house design. the white and wooden color decorating this living space beautifully in minimalist way. The book shelve that could directly facing the large windows so you can enjoy the outside view at the same time while reading a book or only relaxing.

Desk Element for Japanese House Interior

Almost throughout this house, the architects using the different floor level. The interior of this free space externalized and connected within the outdoor spaces. The sliding door that functioning as the room divider for living room is the best idea for housing interior design. the classy pendant lamps decorate this house beautifully.

Tranquil with Minimalist Architecture Lakeside Cottage Design

The interior of Japanese house identical with the square pattern of the walls and sliding door. Actually, the different level of flooring management gives the benefit for housing interior. As you can see at the picture above, the extra space from the other room could be use as the floating desk and the seat on place at the same time. Within this angle, you will see the traditional interior design was renovated and added with the recent touches and items into the living space such as the armchair and table at the corner.

Japanese House Renovated with Updated Interior Changes

Outstanding Look for Current Japanese House Architecture

At the other side of this house, there is small space inside the house that play as an extra place. The narrow space with single armchair and single table with the unique single pendant lamp. There, you have the sliding door in the white color paint decoration. from there place, you will get the directly view of outdoor. This place absolutely important for you who like the private space for yourself and nature.

Outdoor Space to Enjoy the Outside View

The original Japanese style room has been transformed into several place such as garden and the border side of the house. While, this house was renovated by ALTS design office that coming with the goal of harmonize the existing details of current elements with the traditional one. This house as the prove that the traditional style of the house could be renovated and updated with the recent house interior, furniture and decoration elements at the same time.

Traditional House with Japanese Architecture Modern Design

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