Traditional Mountain House with Alps Chalet Mimics Restricted Architecture

The house that would give you the awesome experience that provide comfy and cool space perfectly to spend during winters there. This house called as Mountain House in Manigod, France and it is located in an Alpine valley. The stunning architectural expression of this house is designed by Studio Razavi Architecture. Taking a look for the interior house, the attic kitchen done with the black metal for the cabinets. While, the dinning set for chairs and table are made from wooden. Then, the stunning white bubble lamps decorating this dinning room in minimalist way of wooden theme design.

Attic Kitchen with Black Metal Cabinets

At the other side of this house, there is an open layout space that categorized as the outdoor side. The balcony that features only with the black wicker chairs with an amazing view to enjoy by the mountain. There, the diagonal ceilings, fence, floor and walls are done in wooden with the same color theme. The presence of fence with medium height functioning as the protector of this balcony.

Balcony with Black Wicker and Wooden Exterior

Alps Chalet House Architecture in Traditional Mountain Style

Another interior house that coming in stunning design is the bath space. the clad wood and stone in grey dark color decorating the bathroom interior in adorable way. The shower space done in white floor and it divide with the other space for sanitary wash. The modern white sink with holder and floating desk complete with the large round mirror are the best furniture to use in this wooden bath interior.

Bathroom with Clad Wood Mix with Stones Interior

This time, the minimalist bathroom right beside the bathroom. The grey smooth color painting for wall interior looks suitable with the grey bed cover there. The small windows really useful for enrich the lighting inside the bedroom. The single pendant lamp on the wooden ceiling give the golden color accent there.

Bedroom with Wooden Interior and Minimalist Look

There is the space for the guest especially for children place. The bedroom with the built-in bunk bed and the single medium window give the outside view directly from the bedroom. The use of simple natural light wooden color for walls and ceiling makes this space so comfy. The grey floor and one side for give the clear interior for the holder part.

Kid Space with Built-In Bunk Bed

Amazing View for Traditional Mountain House Architecture

The living room at the picture above designing with the chalet style. The one that appear with the large sloped window, large hearth and the finest selection of the recent furniture. There, the simple sheets of sofa and single wooden armchair looks so gorgeous with the transparent colorful pendant lamps. The presence of large classy black fireplace complete this living room interior with the diagonal transparent glass windows there on the creamy fur rug laminate wooden floor.

Living Room with Sloped Windows and Current Furniture

Chalets are designed to spend your winter season in this house. This place would perfectly fit on your holiday time with beloved people. Everything that constructed this house appear with the height and width with the ratio to roof slope by the material building and the window are sized strictly controlled by the mimicking traditional mountain home style. At the picture above is the look when this house got view from the outside.

Traditional Mountain House with Alps Chalet Mimics Restricted Architecture