Triangular House Architecture with Outstanding Rocky Mountain View

The house architecture that absolutely would totally impress you in shocking way. This one called as Owl Creek Residence and it is designed by Skylab. The special thing about this house is the triangular architecture with the mountainous landscape. The addition part about this house is the presence of triangular swimming pool at the edge and done in modern way. There is the timber screen as the protector and control the wind.

Cool Triangular Outdoor Pool

The amazing view would makes you fall in love with this house because of the special view of mountain landscape around the house. The looks of this house from outside appear with the forest side and the geometric view of greenery environment around this house. This house perfectly clear to see even surrounded by trees and greenery landscape.

Forest Side of Outdoor House View with Mountain Landscape

House with Triangular Mountain Landscape Architectural Ideas

Take a look into the inside of the house that done with the stunning look for the interior design. the dinning room appear with the brick walls, the large windows wall and the curved wooden dinning table beautify this dinning room interior. The eye-catching bubble glass chandelier always looks suitable with the wooden ceilings.

Inner Dinning Room with Natural Glazed and Stunning Chandelier

If you see this house in detail, you will see that this house done with mostly with the transparent glass windows walls. The presence of this kitchen with the glazed wall perfectly suitable. The stone kitchen island with modern tube hood complete the kitchen interior. The laminate floor and roof that made from wooden beautify this kitchen in modern way.

Kitchen with Glazing and Modern Tub Hood

This house absolutely has the outstanding interior. The wooden ceiling that lit up with golden lighting makes the room so beautifully decorated. The large current box class metal fireplace with woodbin makes the living room so complete. The presence of geometric sofa in brown color and the transparent tables and armchair are the best combination for this living room.

Living Room with Amazing Lit Up Ceilings

Attractive Mountain Landscape for Triangular Architectural House

In the middle of this house, there is awesome view inside the house. The short staircase that feature with mirror and glass railing and makes the unique pendant lamp give the beautiful reflection into the staircase. The golden color effect fill this living space. the timber screen as the holder and the protector for staircase at the same time. This house ceilings mostly done with triangle shape architecture.

Staircase with Mirror Interior Glass Railing and Gorgeous Pendant Lamp

The terrace of this house coming with the triangular bench and triangular outdoor fire pit with double wooden armchairs there. An open space on the wooden floor always give the outstanding view to see for the outdoor space. from this part, you could enjoy the unlimited nature landscape view beautifully. This house done with the orange gold color theme and it looks suitable with the nature environment mountain around the house.

Triangular House Architecture with Outstanding Rocky Mountain View