Tribeca NY Building with Luxurious Duplex Top Side in Classy Look Modern Architecture Penthouse

The historic building in New York is now having the addition part at the top side for a new penthouse. The Tribeca named as Cast Iron House for the penthouse with the original structure was finished in 1881 and now as the excellent 19th century cast-iron architecture. Take a look into the house furniture for home office room with the cool small desk table and artworks as the decoration. the unusual geometric large high back chair on brass legs in white creamy color complete this home office on the laminate wooden floor and windows.

Geometric Charis Decorate the Stunning Home Office

When you see the other side of this penthouse, there is an open space for kitchen. The sleek white cabinets designed this current kitchen style with the neutral furniture. At the other side, the living room is joined together without any room divider. There is the dinning space that decorated in mid-century look. The spots lighting are use to replace the pendant lamps and it makes the living room looks wider and free.

Kitchen with Sleek Cabinet and Mid-Century Look

Penthouse at Top of Building with Outstanding Architecture Ideas

Here come the other angle view for your interior house which is in open space. the architecture that let the walls could be open the duplex to the outside. Where the outside using the decoration of green grass at the edge. The white color dominate this penthouse even for interior or exterior. There is the open ceiling inside this house to let you the unlimited roof experience there.

Living Space with Walls Open for Outdoor Furniture

Take a look into the furniture interior of this penthouse use. The simple earthy color with neutral tones are there such as orange, grey brown and creamy color. as you can see at the picture above, there is the single amber piece of sofa in couch combine with the other sofa living room. the creamy white, grey sofa complete this living space with greenery look for the decoration.

Neutral Decor for Interior Living Room

Attractive Penthouse Architecture in Modern Look

This penthouse using the neutral color palette that keeps the comfy atmosphere. The presence of amber leather couch makes the living room furniture looks so stylish with the double-height space. the laminate wooden floor with the grey carpet are the best mixing for get the stunning look living room with the unique pendant lamp there.

Stylish Look for Earthy Color Decor

This Tribeca is located on the corner of Franklin Street and Broadway which contain 11 duplex residences. You will get the view of terrace with the green grass growing along the line. There, you will find the mid-century look for the contemporary penthouse with gorgeous duplex. The use of creamy white color give the stunning look as the final result there.

Tribeca NY Building with Luxurious Duplex Top Side in Classy Look Modern Architecture