Tuscon Mountain Residence Inspired by Desert Sands Architecture

House with the special design are now coming out with the Tuscon Mountain Retreat. This dwelling located on the outskirts of the lush Sonoran Desert in Arizona and handled by architecture firm DUST’s. The bedroom interior coming with the comfortable design in neutral look. The simple decoration that modern and edgy such as walls and the furniture bed that the architect use. There is the single armchair with the elongated desk and two large hanging pictures frame there on the wall as the complete decoration for this bedroom.

Comfy Bedroom with Neutral Interior

Then, the bath space appear with the desert and earthy theme design ideas. at the picture above, the colors and materials used are in browny desert look almost for all side. The architect choose to using the desert ideas as the foundation for designing this house interior. The narrow bath space with the large mirror and the single window help the living space become comfortable and stunning in minimalist way.

Earthy Decor From Dessert for Interior Bath Space

Desert Sand House Architecture for Tuscon Mountain

At the other side of this house interior, the dinning room and living room are set in impressive look. The earthy, warm aesthetic is afforded via rammed earth construction where the browny light dominate the color palette there. The the wooden dinning table with the minimalist high back chairs looks so matching as one set. While, the elongated white sofa with lower bench chair and the modern built-in fireplace always mesmerizing.

Earthy Warm Aesthetic Interior for Living Area and Dinning Space

When you see this house from the outside far angle, the dwelling could blend beautifully with nature surrounding due to the extensive glazings used. This one, perfectly exist between the harsh nature around the house. The golden lighting gives the awesome ending look when the dark is coming. This house seems to be lower than the house commonly because the height of this house won’t be higher than the trees around.

Extensive Glazing for Mountain House Architecture

Outstanding Mountain House Inspired by Desert Architecture Ideas

Absolutely, this house is kind of eco-friendly type one. At the picture, the roof top of this house has the open space where you can have time as the relax zones. The outdoor upper terrace without walls and roof is kind of brave on as the architect to place this type surrounding with the nature. The terrace that has the table and chairs set to let you have the leisure time to enjoy the nature directly.

Rooftop with Minimalist Design

Another bedroom designed in special way where you can have several zones at the same time. The bed space that has the open door directly lead to the bathroom. The minimalist browny bathroom with the wooden shelve and the shower complete this bath space. the presence of sliding door gives the wonderful interior design which sun lighting could come into the space perfectully.

Three Clear Zones for Bedroom Living Area and Entertaiment Quarters

The architect designing this house as the project of “rooted in the desert” that could attract rammed earth dwelling with minimum impact on its fragile environment. The desert ideas that applied into the minimalist aesthetic, elegant look blends with surrounding Arizona landscape. The architectural of this house is uncluttered way in recent design where it could be open to the outdoor desert or it can be closed as their needs by the glass doors that available there.

Tuscon Mountain Residence Inspired by Desert Sands Architecture