Two Separate Volume House Connected with Stunning Look Serene Architecture

This recent dwelling is located in Vilnius that surrounded with pine forests on two side and the owners always wanted to have a life with the small river so at once could enjoy the nature with surroundings. When ArchLAB studio completed this house with the simplicity and reduced a few main materials including stone, wood and glass. At the picture above, the elongated bridge with the roof run like the stunning outdoor corridor. The black pole with the white blocks flooring and roof makes this place could be use as the part for enjoying the view.

Bridge with Roof and Looks Like Awesome Outdoor Corridor

There is an extra space at the outdoor that has the single tree which kept it untouched. The architect coming with the ideas for combine the exiting trees right into the house design, allowing them to pass through the roof. The design use the wooden floor with the hole and the roof with the hole to let the tree have it as their space. an open fireplace for as the outside furniture has the woodbin built-in the walls. The golden lighting lines highlight the outdoor walls beautifully.

Deck with Wooden Floor Exterior and Current Fireplace

Serene House with Adorable Two Separate Volume Architecture

As you can see at the picture above, the outside angle of this house would win your heart. the large transparent glass windows that give the modern look with some spot lights up there. The presence of river side of the house with the greenery environment makes this house looks so warmly mixed with nature around.

Greenery Look with Riverside for House Outdoor View

Move into the interior of this house, the light-colored marble TV stand that built-in the walls stunning with the plain white walls. The elongated grey dark brown sofa always suitable with the classy dark laminate wooden floor. The large transparent glass windows coming with the grey brown curtain and transparent white curtain.

Interior Space with Outdoor Space and Natural Lights In

The picture above applied the modern bathroom with the grey marble for flooring and walls interior. The simple bath furniture fill this house and makes the ending look so comfortable for uses. The private shower room and large round bathtub complete this modern bathroom package. The large mirror with simple white sink and dresser are best choice to this bath space.

Spacious Bathroom with Grey White Color Theme Interior

Attractive Serene House Architecture with Two Volumes Part

There, the pines trees around this serene house is the best way to have the natural garden. As you can see, the wide garden front side with a lots of plants and trees makes this look so fresh and absolutely perfect place to live in. Large windows with an open layouts makes the two volumes of outdoor joined with the nature inside. Both volumes of the house provide the perfect combination of inside and outside features concerning on comfort and peaceful.

Stylish Contemporary Serene House Architecture with Pines Tree

As long as you can see, this house as the interior design with the simple, refined and full of cool and stylish features of furniture. At the picture above, you will see the other extra of outdoor space that using the wooden for flooring. The stone brick wall exterior complete this part. From this place, you will see the directly nature scenery that absolutely would refresh your soul and mind at the same time.

Two Separate Volume House Part Connected with Bridge and Various Deck