Types of Indoor Lighting You Need to Know for Your Home Interior

Have you ever assumed that any type of overhead lighting will work for every room? Or do you even think that any light source will suffice regardless of the space layout you have in the home? If that’s the case, then it’s important for you to know that light source comes with different types and they aren’t always working for every lighting purpose.

living room light fixture selection

Therefore, before you choose just any light fixture, you should know the types of indoor lighting first and how to make the most of it in your space. There are actually three main types of lighting. What are those? Let’s check the following list!

Ambient or General Lighting

modern ambient lighting idea

Ambient is also known as general lighting. This type of lighting usually fills most of the room. This lighting allows you to move around freely and safely as it doesn’t take up the space.

modern track lighting in the hallway

Light sources that fall into ambient type are track lighting, recessed lighting, or wall-mounted fixtures.

Accent Lighting to Highlight a Focal Point

accent lighting to highlight the focal point

Mostly, people use accent lighting to highlight a certain focal point. Accent lighting is also used to offer softer or dimmer mood lighting.

accent lighting to highlight the focal point 2

Picture lights, track lighting, or wall-mounted fixtures provide what you look for in accent lighting.

Task Lights for Functional Lighting

task lamps on office table

This type of lighting is essential to assist you in finishing certain functions. Task lights can be anything as long as it helps you to finish your task.

task lighing for the kitchen

Task lights include desk lamps or even pendant lights placed above your kitchen island.

indoor lighting type for home

Extra tip: many interior designers believe that lighting works wonder when used in layers. For instance, in one room you could have all the types of lighting or use one particular type to create a certain lighting mood.

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