Unique Dreamy Light Filled with Minimalist House Architecture

The house built by 314 architecture studio that experienced as a scene graphic space. the bedroom with the dreamy white color theme looks suitable with the lights there. The simple platform bed and a single potted plant beautify this white bedroom. The small balcony with the classy fence complete this modern bed space. almost all the furniture bed and interior done by the white colors and some grey light accent.

Dreamy Bedroom with Minimalist Light

This house done with four-storey with terraced house with a small garden and space with glazed look. At the picture above, you will find the modern white fence house done with small dots that give the sparkle effect in the night when the light is turn from the outside view. The bed space balcony with the open space for ground floor suitable for give the dreamy effect there. The fence surrounding the house beautifully encloses the house by giving the volume of the house and giving the dramatic look in the suburban context of Glyfada.

Four Storey for Glazed House Architecture in White

Light Filled with Dreamy Ideas for Housing Architecture

The unusual house with the both inside and outside in the white color theme makes the living room looks so bright and fresh. This interior house decorate in white color. the monochrome books beautify this interior beautifully. The presence of book shelve at the white wall makes this look so fresh and bright. The minimalist furniture for each room suitable for the interior.

House with Unique Decoration Interior

There is a single large lounge in white color with the single bench on the abstract pale fur rug. The white marble floor makes this house don’t need much lighting from lamps. Because, the use of white color already makes this living space bright and wider at the same time. The architect use the minimalist white wall decoration to avoid the bored look for the interior.

Lounge with Sleek Marble Interior Design

Another look for the open layout of this interior house coming with the large minimalist wall book shelf that fill up with the monochrome books colors. While at the other side, the modern dinning set done with simple chairs and the large rectangular table with thin type furniture. The smooth and bright white floor makes this living space look adorable with the glass transparent sliding door.

Open Layout for Interior White Space

Unusual Look for White Minimalist Modern House Architecture

The modern terrace coming with minimalist loungers and a chair with the outside table. The ending look for this house is bright yet modern spaces scattered along the house. The pool designed so fresh with the combination of marble white flooring, pool and the small garden there. The perfect look this outdoor and indoor furniture combination is brilliant.

Terrace with Simple Look in Minimalist Way

The unusual exterior and interior that filled up with the lights is beautiful to decorate this dreamy house. The sparkle effect still win the exterior design with the white color theme. The presence of tress on around this house beautifully decorated this house architecture from the outside angle.

Unique Dreamy Light Filled with Minimalist House Architecture